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Homemade Yogurt Treats For Dogs

Get ready to spoil your pup with this easy, healthy Homemade Yogurt Treats for Dogs recipe packed with amazing health benefits.

As you may already know, the Husky Squad has been eating a raw food diet for almost two years. They are doing so well and THRIVING on this diet! Occasionally we find ourselves itching to enjoy meals together as a pack, and by now we figured out how to make a number of meals and snacks that are tasty to us, and also safe for dogs #dogsarefamily

Would You Enjoy Sharing Meals and Treats with Your Dog?

If you said “YES” you’re in luck! If you want to get your hands on our favorite shareable meals and treats, go to the comments section of this blog or in the linked youtube video, and let us know that you want more recipes. Be sure to watch the full video for instructions of this simple yogurt treat recipe, and of course watch the Husky Squad lick their little jars clean. They are too FRIKKIN CUTE!


Whether we’re feeding the Squad their daily Raw food meals, or putting together a treat or snack, we want you to know that each ingredient is well thought-out. Of course on rare occasions, they’ll get something just for flavor (as long as it’s safe!), but after the Squad experienced various health issues in the past, we now do our best to give them the most beneficial nutrition, and this Yogurt Treat For Dogs is packed with health benefits.


This video briefly covers the amazing benefits of each ingredient in this homemade yogurt treats recipe, so be sure to watch it all the way through! Here are few knowledge bites for more interesting info:

Organic Plain Yogurt. Powerhouse of probiotics and so much more.
Blueberries. Amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fruit.
Fresh Mint Leaves. Aids digestion and soothes the tummy.

Be sure to watch the entire video so you can learn how to introduce new foods to your pup and avoid problems in the process.


The Recipe

Measurement Per Pup
½ cup organic plain yogurt
⅓ cup blueberries (or berries of choice)
2 mint leaves

Optional Toppings for Dog Parent (ONLY)

½ tsp. Raw honey
1 tbsp granola or muesli

You can make this delicious simple recipe with raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries. We recommend to introduce one berry type at the time.

Made With Love

Now It’s Your Turn!

We’re excited for you to prepare this delicious and easy yogurt treat for you and your dog, and enjoy some relaxed bonding time together. After your pup licks their little jar clean, come back here and share your story with us.

Next up, you owe it to yourself to make your life easier as a dog parent with our top products we use at home.

Howls and hugs from the Husky Squad!


...and it's easier than you think!

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