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10 Home Products Every Dog Parent NEEDS

What are the most practical, useful dog home products to help you enjoy being a dog parent? We gathered a list to make your life cleaner, easier, and more pleasant all around for both you and your dog.

Over the years we’ve gone through our share of frustrations with dog beds, dog bowls, and many other products. There are too many choices available, but many of them lack the foundation of what we wanted out of a product. A clean home is of utmost importance to us, and with three huskies, it can definitely be a challenge. We had to figure out ways to keep the husky hair at bay, and out of our coffee! 😀 #floofeverywhere

What’s important in a dog home product for us?

  1. Practicality. The product needs to be practical, functional, and easy to use. It also can’t be bulky.
  2. Durability. Of course each product needs to be well made, durable, and last long-term. I used to focus on price, but now I know “cheap” comes at a cost and the product will need to be replaced sooner than later, and therefore ends up being more expensive long term.
  3. Comfort. What’s a bed without comfort? An uncomfortable bed, right? The products we choose must be comfortable to use, regardless if it’s me doing the work, or the Husky Squad making use of them.

… and aesthetics. Because #whynot


Whether you’re a new dog parent or if you’ve been one for a while, you’ll enjoy these practical, convenient products to outfit your home. Your dog will obviously join all the fun, and together you’ll live a cleaner, more comfortable, stress-free life.

In the video below, I show you each product we use, how we use it, and why we chose it over the hundreds of options out there. For example, you’ll most definitely need a dog food bowl to feed your beloved fur-kid, but this is not just a bowl. As you watch the video, you will gain a good understanding why each product is helpful and unique, and the ways you can use them to improve your overall all “dog-quality of life.”

  1. Dog Food Bowl. Not your average pet food store bowl. You will want two per pup.
  2. Manual Food Processor. Help your pup digest those veggies better.
  3. Large Roll of Poop Bags. Little rolls are annoying unless you’re on the trail.
  4. Portable Dog-Cots. Use them in the garden, on the patio, and outdoors.
  5. Vacuum Robot. Why did we wait this long to get this amazing thing?
  6. Planter Vase. You’ll have to watch the video for details 😉
  7. Large Microfiber Towels. For in between baths and to wipe those muddy paws.
  8. Slicker Brush. Catch’ em before they have a chance to “float”.
  9. Cleansing Spray. For a mini bath and to keep the bugs away.
  10. The BEST Dog Bed. Because our pups deserve the best night sleep.


...and it's easier than you think!

Kibble to Raw


Here's what I'm thinking right now...

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You’ll find the curated list for our 10 Top Home Products for Dog Parents. Click the button below.

Be sure to watch the entire video so you get to see an amazing hack –how we keep the Husky Squad beds super clean all year around. Hint: You probably already have this at home.

Visit the Husky Squad Amazon shop for the full list of these dog home products. You may notice a couple of options per product, or some changes to a product over time because when we find something better, we update our Amazon shop too!


Part of keeping the Husky Squad clean, healthy, and happy – we developed an amazing bathing routine. You can find all the details here on the “HOW TO BATHE YOUR SIBERIAN HUSKY” Blog.

We’re stoked for you to give these products and methods a try, and we look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions on this subject. Let us know in the comments below what other helpful subjects you want us to cover.

Howls and hugs from the Husky Squad!

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