The Husky Squad all around harness.

The Best Harness for Dogs

What’s the best harness for dogs, you ask? I’d love to recommend a perfect harness that would cover every need for any pup, but there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This blog will help guide you in finding what will work best for you and your furry friend.

We’ve gone through many harness types, styles, brands, and designs. Each has its pros and cons. Problematically, some harnesses—even very popular ones—can actually work against your goals for your pup.

Which Harness Do We Use For The Husky Squad?

When we’re looking for an everyday harness, it’s essential for us (and maybe for you!) to find one that’s:

1. Durable. The harness needs to be dependable, resilient, and strong, but not heavy or bulky. We depend on the harness for the safety of the Husky Squad.
2. Low Maintenance. The harness can’t be a dirt and fur magnet, and it can’t hold on to moisture.
3. Versatile. The harness needs to work equally well for urban walks, regular hikes, and jogging.


In the video below, I review three of the harnesses we’ve used over the years and show you how they look after wear. Before we recommend a harness, we always put it through the test of time and daily wear until we’re satisfied that it meets our needs. Watch the video for more details.

Download the Harness Quick Guide before you make the decision to buy one of our linked recommended products below. In this guide, we go over harness types, collars, and other tools we’ve used in the past, and explain what we’ve learned along the way. This guide covers the types of harnesses and tools that we avoid after many years of testing, learning, and research. We hope it will help you decide which system you think is the best harness for dogs!

Get ready to finally figure out what will work best for you and your pup, and achieve the goals you’re reaching for.


What's the best harness for dogs? We get this question multiple times a day, so here is a practical guide we put together to help you make the best decision for you and pup's needs.

Where should we email you the dog harness quick guide?


Every dog is an individual. Although we can provide suggestions on what we feel is the best harness for dogs based on our personal experience, it’s best for you to assess your dog as an individual. Additionally, all harnesses, collars, leashes and systems are just tools to help you achieve your goals. Close bonding with your pup, daily exercise, boundaries, and consistent, undivided attention is what’s going to get you the results you want.


Training and Bonding Course For Dogs

An immersive 1-on-1 coaching program to help you transform your relationship with your dog.

Front Range Harness

best harness for dogs
The multi-purpose harness for every day use.

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