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How To Bathe Your Siberian Husky

Does Bathing Your Dog Feel Chaotic?

Don’t worry! We’ll show you how to bathe your Siberian Husky calmly, and even turn the whole experience into a fun SPA DATE!

I remember the days when the thought of bathing our dogs gave me anxiety and panic. They all hated the experience, and I dreaded struggling with their thick fluffy coats, not to mention their stubborn personalities and insistence on battling their way out of the tub.  #huskylife

However, I had no idea that with a few simple adjustments and a couple of tricks, it would be possible to turn bath time into a spa date for all of us. Yes, you can achieve this too!

We filmed two full videos to teach you what we’ve learned over the years, including all of our hard-earned tips and tricks on how to bathe your Siberian Husky (or any other breed). Enjoy!


Of course you can bathe your dog at home, but using a dog self-wash has so many benefits that we’ve never looked back. Tubs at dog washes are raised to make the bathing process easier, and to spare your back the pain of bad posture! Bathing your dog in a place designed specifically for this purpose also saves time. Furthermore, dog washes have great shower heads, fantastic fur catchers (no clogging your pipes at home!), and lots of towels and tools.


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How To Bathe Your Siberian Husky (Part 1)

This video includes full instructions, tools, tips, and tricks for bathing your dog.

  1. Tools and products we use.
  2. The process of pre-detangling before bathing.
  3. Help your dog love the bathing experience.
  4. How to wash a husky or a double/thick coat properly.
  5. De-shed during bathing (it’s magic!).
  6. Wash your dog’s face (minus the drama!).
  7. Things you must avoid during bath time.

The Zoom Groom

zoom groom tool huskysquad
The magic bathing tool.

Bath Time Treats

husky squad treats zukes
To make your pup’s SPA DATE amazing!

Wash Your Husky Like A Pro (Part 2)

This video answers the most popular questions we received in the first video.

  1. Does this method work for any dog?
  2. Tips for double-coated/thick coats.
  3. Why bathe your dog yourself?
  4. Find a dog self-wash.
  5. Secrets to getting your dog to love bath day.
  6. Shampoo and conditioner tricks.
  7. Whether to use human shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Clean ears and paws.
  9. Drying techniques.
  10. Whether a human hair dryer works for a dog.
  11. How often you should bathe your dog?

I certainly can’t wait for you to join our Squad of happy dog parents who actually enjoy bath day. Learn and apply the helpful tips in our videos to join their ranks and turn a stressful bath day into a fun time at the spa!

Finally, we’re positive you’ll love learning about our amazing grooming routine for double-coated dogs like huskies, the fantastic tools we use, and how to get your dog to enjoy that too! The Husky Squad often takes a nap during our grooming sessions. Really! 🙂 You’ll see it happen in our videos.

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