Husky Squad MethoD coACHING PROGRAM

1 on 1 Coaching Application

An immersive 1-on-1 coaching program to help you transform your relationship with your dog.

This is a ‘by-application-only’ monthly program. It begins with a 90 minute in-depth welcome session for $125, followed by 90 minute follow-up sessions according you and your pup’s needs. You’ll be invited to our private coaching portal to help you follow through with each coaching session to ensure your success. All 1-on-1 sessions are live and face to face via Zoom calls with you and your dog.

This is not a membership. It’s a 1 to 6 month program depending on yours and your dog’s needs.


Because you and your best friend deserve a calm and enjoyable life together anywhere you are.

Training and Bonding Course For Dogs

We help you awaken your highest potential with your dog, by cultivating an unbreakable bond, integrating holistic wellness, and creating unforgettable life experiences.