Before You Begin

Created Especially For You

We created this program with you in mind from beginning to end. We addressed the countless questions we’ve heard, and added amazing resources that will help you begin this new journey with your pup.


By the Time You Complete This Course, You Can Look Forward To:

  1. Having all the tools to begin.
  2. Getting rid of doubts and fears.
  3. Gaining a deep understanding about a holistic lifestyle for your pup.
  4. Feeling CONFIDENT in feeding your pup raw!

You’ll also know and understand:

  1. Hacks for efficiency and affordability.
  2. What a complete diet is.
  3. The truth about cost.
  4. Your pup’s specific needs.
  5. How to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes.
  6. Which route to choose for the transition.

What’s In The Next Chapter

We created this course to be easy to use and follow. We’re also beyond picky about design, aesthetics, and clutter-free space, and we’re excited that you’ll get to learn all this information in such a pleasing way. The next chapter will cover how to use this course and prepare you to dive in!