Here is a curated list of Husky Squad favorite products and brands, and we highly recommend them. We only list products we absolutely love and enjoy using and therefore we update this page regularly. If we find a better product than what we have listed, it will be modified. If a product no longer aligns with our values or lifestyle, we’ll remove it too. We often spend many days, weeks and months researching and testing products, so by the time you make the purchase, you’ll know there is a higher chance you’ll enjoy them too.


Amazon is our go to shop for almost everything. Here you’ll find a curated list of our favorite products we use outdoors, at home, and more.



The Kibble to Raw online course is a crowd favorite by thousands of dog parents who’ve successfully transitioned their pups to real food and ditched kibble forever.

REAL food is the foundation of a healthy, long life – and Kibble to Raw is the tool to help you get there quickly and with confidence.


Toxic-free cookware is essential for good health, and we LOVE our gorgeous Caraway Cookware set. It’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, non-stick, a pleasure to cook in, and so easy to clean.

The peace of mind I get from cooking for Jc & I, and warming bone broth for our pups in non-toxic cookware, is priceless!

Because we love our set so much, we teamed up with Caraway to give you a discount on your healthy cookware set!


Over-supplementing is unnecessary and just overwhelms dogs with supplements that they don’t need. Low-quality sourcing will end up doing more harm than good.

The supplements that we give our pups are carefully selected to help them deal with modern-day food production problems and to give them super dog tools to live a long, healthy, thriving life.


Clean and filtered water is not just for humans, it benefits your puppers too! By the time water runs through those rusty pipes, out of your tap and into your dog’s water bowl, it’s already contaminated and not safe to drink. Water filters remove all the contaminants making water safe and clean for everyone to drink.

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