Discounts Offered to Kibble to Raw Members

This is our new global component resource page for products we’ve researched, use, and feel confident to share with you. We’re looking into grinds, franken-prey, whole prey, treats, and all high quality options to share with you – GLOBALLY.

As written in our previous chapter, we recommend for you to research your options locally for your components, but thanks to the growing movement of REAL FOOD for our beloved dogs, more online businesses are opening up and offering delivery services. This is offering a lot of convenience for many dog parents who want to take advantage of home delivery. Although we often do DIY as explained in the previous chapters, we also heavily use the base/grinds as a foundation to build our pup’s meals. These resources are especially helpful for dog parents who are having trouble finding components locally.

We’re excited to connect with brands around the world to learn more about their products. When possible, we team up with them to bring you great deals for trying their products yourself. 


Viva Raw


DELIVERS TO: USA via Ground (ours arrives via Fedex)

SHIPPING: Free for orders over $250

DISCOUNT: 20% OFF with code HUSKYSQUAD on your first order.


TIP: Purchase a large order upfront for the same free shipping and for taking advantage of the one-time use discount code.

How we learned about VIVA

Lots of research, reading reviews, and the Husky Squad has been enjoying this brand since autumn 2022. They do very well on VIVA.

What do we love about VIVA RAW?

  • The founders are two passionate dog parents who created VIVA for their dog’s health.
  • High-quality proteins from small boutique farms, the same farmers who sell to local Whole Foods and local restaurants.
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • No factory farms
  • No MSM (mechanically separated meat)
  • No HPP
  • No denaturing processes
  • PURE FOOD ONLY – no additives
  • Boxed well, ships well, and arrives well
  • Well-packaged and easy to open
  • Stores compact and perfectly in small freezers

What we recommend

THE PURE LINE is the base and foundation to build your meals as demonstrated in the course.

Begin with GROUND for the first three months, then we suggest slowly switching to CHUNKED.

Did you find quality component brands through your Kibble to Raw journey? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us a message with your recommendations. Your fellow KTR members thank you!