Intro KIBBLE TO RAW An Online Course To Help You Transition Your Dog To An Easy And Affordable Raw Food Diet. FREE Changing the diet of our dogs from dry processed kibble to fresh raw food has been the single most profound experience as dog parents. We believe that you and your dog deserve to experience all the amazing benefits of real food too.



Learn with 15+ exclusive videos to help you transition from kibble to raw food
Learn about food components that make a complete raw diet
Learn about supplements, treats, and 'on the go' meals
Learn how to meal-prep with easy to use kitchen essentials
Learn proper food portioning and weight management
 15 week transition meal plan with daily easy to follow steps
Instant access to the course after enrollment
Access the course on any device and learn at your own pace

…and much more


Chapter 1 - Welcome to Kibble to Raw
Chapter 2 - How to Use this Course
Chapter 3 - Our Story and Wake-Up Call
Chapter 4 - What’s Wrong with Kibble?
Chapter 5 - The Raw “Stereotypes”
Chapter 6 - A Closer Look at Cost
Chapter 7 - A Dog Parent Perspective
Chapter 8 - A Species Appropriate Diet
Chapter 9 - The Incredible Benefits of RAW
Chapter 10 - Components for a Complete Diet
Chapter 11 - Finding Your Foundation
Chapter 12 - Protein Rotation & Temperatures
Chapter 13 - Understanding Food Portions

Chapter 14 - The Transition from Kibble to Raw
Chapter 15 - What to Expect during Transitioning
Chapter 16 - The Meal Prep Process
Chapter 17 - Consistent Additions & Supplements
Chapter 18 - Quick On the Go Meals & Treats
Chapter 19 - Feeding Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 20 - Proper Overall Hygiene
Chapter 21 - Your Raw Kitchen Essentials
Chapter 22 - Your Holistic Vet, Your Ally
Chapter 23 - You Made it!
Chapter 24 - Pre-Transition Week 1-4 Meal Plan
Chapter 25 - Introduction Phase Week 5-8 Meal Plan
Chapter 26 - Balance and Variety Week 9-15 Meal Plan

Template A 15 week meal plan with a gradual and gentle introduction to raw food, making the transition process smooth for your dog. A library of helpful tools, supplemental resources, and visual infographics to help you make the transition successful. The course and chapter layout is designed for easy learning and navigation on both desktop and mobile internet browsers. Take your own notes with the on-site notepad to help you remember what you hear and see in chapter videos.


Chris E. from USA


Take this course!

You will not be disappointed. After completing the first chapter, I could not wait for the next day to arrive, so I could start the next chapter and learn more on transitioning my pup. My favorite part were the videos. Vee is so personable and informative. And with the added resources and tools included with each chapter, showed me just how much time, effort, research and love went into the course by Vee, JC and the Husky Squad. Loved it and hope more courses become available by them.

Laura S. from Spain


The best guide for switching to raw food

Believe me when I say that if you are thinking on switching to raw food, with this course you will have the best guide to do it, it's so beautifully made and the information is so complete, you will learn a lot of nutrition and other facts that will improve a lot your dog's life.

The information is so well organized, first you will find the best knowledge to let go all the fears and to embrace the new natural ingredients that will be part of your dog's diet, then you have a meal plan that is so carefully made, and it's so easy to follow, that way your dog will have no problems with the switching, and you will be sure of what you are doing because it's a step by step plan, with lots of helpful tools.

Just go ahead, you won't regret it! The best of all is that it's made by Husky Squad, so the great vibes you get it's an extra gift, you can see what I'm talking about in their YouTube channel.


Who is the course for?

The course is for any dog parent who wants to transition their dog to a healthy well balanced raw diet.

Is the course only for Huskies?

Not at all. The course principles apply to any dog, large or small. Just be sure to calculate the proper portions according to the calculator we provide in the course.

Is feeding raw expensive?

In this course, we will guide you to choose according to your budget. Feeding raw can be as “expensive” or as “affordable” as you want it to be. Generally, feeding raw (as instructed in this course) will be an equivalent cost to feeding premium kibble, along with tremendous savings by reducing the number of vet visits and the cost of medication.

Can I feed my dog raw hamburger meat from the supermarket?

Feeding raw is so much more than just raw meat. Once you learn how to feed raw and understand all the requirements, it’s easy! However, feeding your dog raw hamburger patties will lead to deficiencies and various health issues. Don’t make this common mistake. Learn how to do it correctly.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access to the course will never expire. You can come back and revisit any chapter at any time.

Do I need any special software or app to take the course?

The course can be accessed via your internet browser from any device. Just be sure to have good internet connection in order to watch the chapter videos.


Do you get a guilty feeling that kibble is not the healthiest food for your dog?

Do you have a mountain of questions and concerns about a raw food diet?

Are you looking for solutions to your beloved dog's health problems?

Are you thinking about switching your dog to a healthy raw diet?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. We’ve been in your shoes before, and that's why we created this easy to follow online course to help you and your pup transition from Kibble to Raw.