Epic Water Filters

Clean and filtered water is not just for humans, it benefits your puppers too! By the time water runs through those rusty pipes, out of your tap and into your dog’s water bowl, it’s already contaminated and not safe to drink. Water filters remove all contaminants making water safe and clean for everyone to drink.

Everyone knows chlorine is not safe to drink, right? Chlorine has been known to cause health issues in people, so if you wouldn’t drink chlorinated water, don’t make a dog drink it either!

Filtration pitchers are simple, affordable solutions for improving the quality of your drinking water for you and your pup, but while some models are designed solely to address taste impurities, others like the Epic Pure Water Filters are like having a personal water treatment plant in your kitchen. If you have dogs in the house and worry about toxic contaminants that could be lurking in their bowls, you need the filtration capability only an Epic can offer.





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