A step-by-step course to gently transition your dog to an easy, healthy, and affordable raw food diet.

i Includes a 15 Week Meal-Plan



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In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about transitioning and feeding your dog a complete, affordable, and easy raw food diet.
Hint: It’s more than just a meal plan!

Learn the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ of feeding raw food

You’ll gain a deep perspective on how and why feeding raw is the most important piece of the puzzle for long-term optimal health and well-being for your dog. You’ll gain the confidence you’ve been looking for to feed your dog a healthy homemade diet.

Keep it simple and affordable

You’ll gain the know-how to create balanced, nutrient-dense raw food meals, with an in-depth understanding of your dog’s nutritional needs as an individual. You’ll learn how to keep it simple, easy, and affordable for the long haul.


Take control of your dog’s overall health and wellness

You’ll learn about easy changes to apply for greater wellness overall. We walk you through holistic veterinary care, how to find important local resources, beneficial supplementation, safe drinking water, feeding portions, weight management, healing allergies, disease prevention, and so much more.

How to transition your dog with GREAT SUCCESS

Our fifteen-week transition meal plan is focused on healing from kibble first, and gently introducing raw food, no matter the breed and age. The Kibble to Raw meal plan is designed with picky eaters and sensitive bellies in mind, to avoid common newbie mistakes and ensure success.

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Sarah S. (verified owner)
Texas, USA 🇺🇸
December 2, 2021


I love this course! It was great to truly learn about why I wanted to change to raw. It was simple to follow along, the videos where my favorite part of the program. It really broke it down for me.

Monika P. (verified owner)
North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸
September 18, 2020


The course went much deeper than just a base outline anywhere else found online. You have pulled together all the bits and pieces that would’ve taken a long time for a person to google, research and compare information from one source to another. The Kibble to Raw Course is very easy to navigate, learn, and highly exceeded my expectations.

Tisha C. (verified owner)
USA 🇺🇸
January 20, 2021


I really do think this course is amazing. Going into this course I previously had already fed raw for over a year. But after taking this course I learned so much more and anything that I was doing wrong or was misinformed about during my period of feeding my three dogs raw.

Kylie C. (verified owner)
California, USA 🇺🇸
November 29, 2020


I loved the videos and how informative they were with dog nutrition and above and beyond that! You can tell so much thought and research was put in beforehand which made me feel more confident in my choice to switch to raw!

Kim P. (verified owner)
Florida, USA 🇺🇸
May 12, 2021


I have learned so much from this course. I have tried a few times. With raw but I wasn’t even close to doing it right. I feel way more confident and have a better understanding then I did before the class. It was super easy to follow! Thank you so much!

Alexandra G. (verified owner)
Florida, USA 🇺🇸
December 21, 2020


The meal plans at the end of the course are super helpful, and the section addressing the worries and feeling of overwhelm that raw feeding can cause really helped relieve my mind. Also, as a graphic designer myself, the overall visual beauty of this course and its additional info sheets was really wonderful.

Anastasia D. (verified owner)
USA 🇺🇸
November 8, 2021


Highly recommend this course to any dog parent looking to make a change. The meal plans and diagrams are my absolute favorite part of this course. It’s wonderful to have a rotation created even though you don’t have to follow it directly. Also, the extra sources available for each chapter of the course are fantastic.

Maria M. (verified owner)
London, UK 🇬🇧
December 18, 2020


This course is a must-have foundation for all dog guardians starting with raw food diet for their dogs. Thanks so much to the authors for putting all content together.


These are just a few reviews from happy dog parents and doggo graduates. You can read over a hundred more!


R  You’ll benefit from easy learning through 18 videos, easy to digest no-fluff reading chapters, and visual infographics to speed up your learning experience.

R  You’ll enjoy easy navigation, and a resource board to find all the tools you need at a click of a button. No annoying searches for references you’ll want to go back to!

R  We’ll be sending you exclusive bonus materials, and helpful health hacks throughout the course and beyond.


R  Our fifteen week meal-plan is a gentle and gradual introduction to raw food for your dog. This method ensures a successful transition for every dog, sensitive bellies included.

R  This meal plan is built with picky eaters in mind and is suitable for any breed and life-stage.

R  The meal plan begins with a process of healing the gut from Kibble. A healthy gut is able to extract and digest the maximum nutrients from healthy food – and adapt to the raw food with ease.


R  Take your own private notes with the on-site notepad to help you remember and easily refer back to what you’re learning in the course. Edit these notes any time, and print them if this suits you better.

R  Shopping lists with products we use and vouch for are available for your convenience.

R  The entire course is built for cross-device learning. You can begin on your laptop, and continue on your tablet, or smart phone – whatever suits you best.



Chapter 1 – Welcome to Kibble to Raw

2 Topics

  Introduction Video

h  Before You Begin

Chapter 2 – How to use this Course
1 Topics

h  How to Use This Course

Chapter 3 – Our Story and Wake-Up Call

3 Topics


h  Kibble and Cancer

l  Resources

Chapter 4 – What’s Wrong with Kibble?

3 Topics


h  Is Kibble Bad For Your Dog?

l  Resources

Chapter 5 – The Raw “Stereotypes”

3 Topics


h  Myths, Concerns, and How to Address Them

l  Resources

Chapter 6 – A Closer Look at Cost

3 Topics

h  Your Wallet vs. Health

h  How Much Does It Really Cost?

l  Resources

Chapter 7 – A Dog Parent Perspective

2 Topics


l  Resources

Chapter 8 – A Species Appropriate Diet

3 Topics

h  Diet of a Grey Woof in the Wild

h  Raw Food Explained

l  Resources

Chapter 9 – The Incredible Benefits of RAW
3 Topics


h  Benefits of Raw

l  Resources

Chapter 10 – Components for a Complete Diet
3 Topics


h  The Raw Breakdown

l  Resources

Chapter 11 – Finding Your Foundation
3 Topics


h  Our Philosophy and Sourcing Methods

l  Resources

Chapter 12 – Protein Rotation & Temperatures
3 Topics

h  Complete Nutrition Through Variety

h  Protein Temperatures

l  Resources

Chapter 13 – Understanding Food Portions
3 Topics


h  The Importance of Weight Management

l  Resources

Chapter 14 – The Transition from Kibble to Raw
3 Topics


h  Step by Step

l  Resources

Chapter 15 – What to Expect during Transitioning
4 Topics


h  The Changes You Can Expect To See

h  What About Picky Eating?

l  Resources

Chapter 16 – The Meal Prep Process
2 Topics


l  Resources

Chapter 17 – Supplements
2 Topics


l  Resources

Chapter 18 – Quick On the Go Meals & Treats
2 Topics


l  Resources

Chapter 19 – Feeding Mistakes to Avoid
3 Topics


h  The Mistakes

l  Resources

Chapter 20 – Proper Overall Hygiene
1 Topics

h  A Common Sense Approach

Chapter 21 – Your Raw Kitchen Essentials
2 Topics


l  Resources

Chapter 22 – Your Holistic Vet, Your Ally
3 Topics


h  Classic Care vs. Holistic Care

l  Resources

Chapter 23 – You Made It!
1 Topics


Chapter 24 – Your Resources Board
Infographics, Diagrams, and Recipes
Chapter 25 – Pre-Transition Week 1-4 Meal Plan
4 Topics

h  Week 1

h  Week 2

h  Week 3

h  Week 4

Chapter 26 – Introduction Phase Week 5-8 Meal Plan

4 Topics

h  Week 5

h  Week 6

h  Week 7

h  Week 8

Chapter 27 – Balance & Variety Week 9-15 Meal Plan

7 Topics

h  Week 9

h  Week 10

h  Week 11

h  Week 12

h  Week 13

h  Week 14

h  Week 15


Who is the course for?

The course is for any dog parent who wants to transition their dog to a healthy well balanced raw diet.

Is the course only for Huskies?

Not at all. The course principles apply to any dog, large or small. Just be sure to calculate the proper portions according to the calculator we provide in the course.

Is feeding raw expensive?

In this course, we will guide you to choose according to your budget. Feeding raw can be as “expensive” or as “affordable” as you want it to be. Generally, feeding raw (as instructed in this course) will be an equivalent cost to feeding premium kibble, along with tremendous savings by reducing the number of vet visits and the cost of medication.

Can I feed my dog raw hamburger meat from the supermarket?

Feeding raw is so much more than just raw meat. Once you learn how to feed raw and understand all the requirements, it’s easy! However, feeding your dog raw hamburger patties will lead to deficiencies and various health issues. Don’t make this common mistake. Learn how to do it correctly.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your access to the course will never expire. You can come back and revisit any chapter at any time.

Do I need any special software or app to take the course?

The course can be accessed via your internet browser from any device. Just be sure to have good internet connection in order to watch the chapter videos.


Get the Kibble to Raw mug for FREE as your graduation gift after completing the course.


Here is Our Story

Before I tell you who we are, let me be honest and share who we were.

I was in the middle of filling our dogs’ bowls for dinner with good-quality kibble. Our dogs sat there waiting for their meal while watching my every move. It’s a husky thing. I made eye contact with Yuna, and my heart just felt troubled. I wondered, what else can I do to make the skin around her eyes heal? She’d itched herself bloody more than once, and I felt so terrible for forcing her to wear the cone-of-shame all of the time. I’ve already done the expensive allergy test, and nothing but the occasional steroid creams would relieve her pain for just a little bit, until it came back again.

For YEARS I had this nagging, guilty, and somewhat helpless feeling about the way I was feeding our dogs. We always want the best for them. Dry processed kibble never felt like real food, and I knew deep in my heart I wanted to feed them raw fresh food, and I knew they deserved better. I knew this way of feeding couldn’t be healthy.

I tried. I went to my local pet food shop to see what they have to offer. There was only one non-kibble option: a frozen bar, and extremely expensive to feed three big mouths.

Disappointed, I went back home and began researching online.

Time was not on my side. Our dogs were already between 6-8 years old, and I felt their periodic health issues creeping up were warning signs. You know, skin issues, allergies, stool, digestive issues – the typical things you go to the vet for.

With determination to find something I can rely on to transition our dogs to real food, I spent weeks online trying to figure out what a “complete, balanced diet” is for dogs. I also bought a couple of nutrition books for homemade dog food, and I read every single night until my eyes burned.

I ended up even more confused than before. With an overwhelming amount of contradicting and complicated information, I felt I was just going to do it wrong. Almost every author disagreed with another. I couldn’t find anything that could make me feel confident enough to quit kibble.

The frozen bars were way too expensive.
The information online was extremely contradictive.
The books were extremely complicated and to be honest, they scared me.

So what did I do?

For the time being, I upgraded to the most premium, expensive, high-quality kibble I could find in hopes it will give me time to figure things out.

A couple of seasons later, all of our dogs’ health took a turn for the worse. Kimahri’s stool got even softer, Tidus’ dry skin became even flakier, and Yuna’s eye situation came back worse than ever before.

Suddenly, they all started having diarrhea. I felt lost, frustrated and helpless. I felt unable to care for the ones I love. I kept failing them.

Back to the vet we go with another round of antibiotics and steroidal creams.

After some improvement, we left for an adventure with the pups to an A-Frame Cabin in the woods.

While on the trail, suddenly we see Kimahri’s foot bleeding. A closer look made my heart sink. Out of “nowhere” she had a blueberry-sized growth on her toe that was bleeding.

I’ll never forget sitting in the vets office with Kimahri in my arms and hearing the words “cancer”. The world fell silent around me. All I could hear were those dreaded words echoing in my mind as my ears went deaf. “We will need to amputate…” was the only thing I heard, and everything turned dark around me.

I held Kimahri, my beloved, beautiful foxy girl, while my heart just ached with agony and fear. I can’t lose her. Not at 7 years young. It was like yesterday when we adopted her.

My mind became a blur on the way home.

We sat with her on the sofa and loved on her, and I finally began coming out of the shock.

I knew deep in my heart this cancer is not something that “just happened”. I felt my inner courage rise and build, and I swore to myself (and Kimahri), that we’ll do everything in our power to heal her from within, and make it right once and for all. For her, Tidus, and Yuna, and for the sake of any dog I will care for, for the rest of my life.

The old me died that night. It was OVER.

I knew kibble was the biggest cause, and instead of feeling guilty or continuing to be intimidated by the subject, I took action, began researching again, and read through endless publications from integrative veterinarians. I booked an appointment with a holistic veterinarian to see if we can take a different approach than amputation. I KNEW removing the tumor will not address the root cause – and the chances of cancer coming back would be high. WE MUST heal her from within, and I was not going to let anything stand in our way.

While we were waiting for the appointment, I began treating Kimahri’s tumor with natural herbs and switched her to a very simple gut-healing diet of a single protein.

We trashed the expensive kibble FOR GOOD.

By the time we arrived at our first appointment a week later, all of our pups were already showing slight signs of relief. My hope and strength increased when we received clear guidance from our holistic veterinarian on how to feed our dogs real, nutritious, and HEALING foods. He put Kimahri on a powerful protocol of Chinese Medicine, natural herbs, and immune-building therapies, in conjunction with a new raw food diet protocol.

Every day when I was treating and caring for Kimahri’s tumor, I told her she is our SUPERHERO. I told her she’ll recover, and be better than ever. She’ll be the inspiration for dog parents around the world. “My little superhero, you’ll inspire THOUSANDS of dog parents to heal and prevent disease with holistic, non-aggressive, non-invasive ways. This is my promise to you!” I could feel she understood me.

The new ME was born.

My RELENTLESS LOVE for Kimahri and my special love and compassion for dogs and dog parents in my shoes led me on a long journey to deeply educate myself on this subject. I promised myself to help other dog parents who love their dogs deeply and want the best for them.

My passion grew each day.

I diligently kept a log of Kimahri’s daily food, supplements, progress, and tumor changes.

Her tumor slowly began to shrink in front of our eyes, and on day 28 it was never to be found.

Kimahri is cancer free since February 2018.

After a full year of deep immersion on this subject, and endless discussions with three holistic veterinarian friends, questioning and diving deep on topic-after-topic of wellness, I felt ready to pass on everything I learned to our fellow dog parents.

This is how Kibble to Raw was born.

We built the course we WISHED we could find BEFORE Kimahri had cancer.

No dog parent should have to live in doubt or fear when it comes to feeding their beloved dog real food to help them thrive.

We built it so you can take the plunge and have a solid foundation that you can trust and feel confident about.

We built it so you have a clear understanding of how to feed your dog what you already know you should – which is certainly not kibble.

In this course, you’ll learn everything we learned, and you’ll have the confidence to put together healthy, nourishing, healing, and REAL meals for your dog.

THIS became my PASSION.

Today, I’m a confident dog mom feeding our dogs a varied diet I feel good about every day. I feel so good knowing I’m able to nourish them with the food they deserve, and give them the best possible to thrive, and to live healthy and happy. I’m also a mentor who’s coached thousands of dog parents to not be afraid, to take the leap, to transition their dogs to real food, and grow with confidence from there.

Through our Kibble to Raw Course, many dogs have healed ailments, many dog parents got rid of guilt, and thousands of dogs are living a life of wellness through holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes they’ve learned in the course.

My learning never ends. My passion for this subject is insatiable, and I always pass on new findings and resources to our members. You’ll benefit from my learning and research in the long term too.

“I don’t know how to feed raw!”

I understand. You will not be alone in this. Thousands of our students around the world have successfully transitioned their dogs through this step-by-step course, and everyone loved how easy it was. Every member graduates with tons of knowledge and confidence to feed their dogs. So will you!


I GET IT. It’s not easy to take the plunge and see if you can swim. But we all know it’s “never the right time” … but we always know TIME is of the essence. The time for health was yesterday. Pushing it off doesn’t make it go away. I know. I learned the hard way.



The way I see it, you have two choices:

1. You can either continue feeding kibble and get what you’ve gotten so far with increasing health risks over time.


2. You can make a change and empower yourself with all the tools at your fingertips to shift the health and life of your dog in the direction which produces the results you want.

So what will it be?

If you’re thinking the latter, Let’s do it! We’ll be with you every step of the way.

– Victoria & Jc