IMAGINE never having to feed your dog brown pellets ever again.
IMAGINE serving your dog a bowl of FRESH FOOD every single meal.
IMAGINE how healthy your dog will become from the inside out.

Let’s make this YOUR REALITY in just 21 DAYS!
(165 customer reviews)


HEAL your dog’s belly from eating a junk-food kibble diet. Only a healthy gut can absorb the amazing nutrition you’re about to feed. This is a MAJOR step that most people overlook when going from kibble to RAW!

NOURISH your dog with simple, nutrient-dense foods your dog NEEDS to thrive. This course teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to gently introduce raw food the RIGHT WAY.
PREVENT health issues and constant vet visits by leveling up your dog’s long-term health and wellness. Besides food wisdom, you’re gonna get lots of GEMS to help your dog THRIVE and enjoy a healthy, long, fun-filled life!
… and so much more!

You’re getting an ALL-DONE-FOR-YOU 15-week meal plan.

You’re getting an ALL-DONE-FOR-YOU 15-week meal plan.


Watch this short video and we’ll show you how Kibble to Raw will help you and your dog.

Like many of our KTR Graduates, you probably took some of the same steps to get here. Can you relate?

1. You love your dog and you want to give the best life possible. You already know that good nutrition is the #1 key to a happy, healthy life… so you know kibble needs to go!

2. You Googled “How to feed raw” hoping you’d find good resources… but, you got confused and overwhelmed by the search results.

3. You spent hours, days, weeks, reading through articles, watching youtube videos, and maybe even picked up a book or two about feeding raw… but, you’re even more confused.

4. You followed raw food accounts, groups, and pages on different social media platforms… but the meals look way over the top and everyone has a different opinion about how to do it the “right way.”

5. You really wanted to feed raw, but with all this confusion and overwhelm, you lost the confidence to trust yourself to do it right.

6. You resorted to buying the most premium (and expensive!) possible kibble, hoping it won’t be as bad, for now, until you figure this out.

…but you’re here because you love your dog so much, you refuse to buy another bag of kibble.


I loved everything about this course. I knew that I wanted to get my dogs off of kibble and wanted to feed raw but I was so scared because I did not know how to get started. I tried reading a few books but it was so confusing. Thank you so much for creating this course. I finally feel that I have the knowledge to start feeding them the way they are meant to eat.

If you are on the fence about taking this course please do not hesitate any longer. This course covers everything you need to know to get started. There is so much information and so easy to follow.

Daffanee V.
Missouri, USA 🇺🇸




You’ll gain a clear understanding of what a dog needs to eat and what should not be in their bellies. Nutrient density, simplicity, and species-correct ingredients is the formula behind every meal you’ll put together.



You’ll get rid of all doubts and fears, and gain the confidence to create your own meals for your dog. Nothing will be in your way and you’ll never look back! When you complete this course, you’ll have the confidence to feed raw to any dog – forever.



You’ll get hacks and tips to make raw fit your budget and lifestyle. We teach you how to mold raw feeding into your lifestyle to make it realistic for the long haul.



You will not make those newbie mistakes which often cause setbacks and frustrations. You’ll learn which foods hurt your dog (besides kibble!). You’ll feel equipped with knowledge to do it correctly from the start.



You’ll learn how to source food no matter where you live using our proven sourcing methods we developed during our travels around the USA & Europe. Our global graduates are 100% successful with sourcing according to their needs.

The course went above and beyond of what I expected and cant thank you enough for all the research, time and effort that went into creating it. Considering our puppies completely rely on us to provide them with the best we can, and their lives are depend on us as our human kids lives are, it’s up to us to make sure they grow up happy and healthy for as long as they can, and prevent whats preventable within our power.

The course went much deeper than just a base outline anywhere else found online. You have pulled together all the bits and pieces that would’ve taken a long time for a person to google, research and compare information from one source to another. The Kibble to Raw Course is very easy to navigate, learn, and highly exceeded my expectations.

Monika P.
North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸


I’m Victoria. I’m a dog mom who loves and wants the best for my dogs just like you do.

A couple of years into being a dog mom, I knew in my heart kibble can’t be healthy. Even though kibble seemed to be the only food available for dogs, I knew they were meant to eat fresh, real food.

I was lost and couldn’t find a solution, no matter what I tried. Books were confusing, google was overwhelming, and to my dismay, I couldn’t find a solid way to learn what I need to confidently feed my dogs a simple, healthy, homemade diet.


In frustration, I settled for the most premium kibble I could find … and the processed food, unfortunately, caught up to us after a few years. It began with allergies, digestive issues, and skin problems – all the way to – cancer.

After going through this scary cancer bout with our beloved husky Kimahri, and healing her (and our other pups) through raw food in early 2018, I became deeply passionate about helping dog parents who are looking to have the tools and knowledge to prevent & heal health issues – without the confusion and overwhelm.

Jc and I began building the course we wished we had when we wanted to ditch kibble.

After a full year of deep immersion and research in these subjects, endless discussions with three holistic veterinarians, and questioning and diving deep into topic-after-topic of wellness, I felt ready to pass on everything I learned to our fellow dog parents. We filtered the rationale from the fluff and noise – so you don’t have to. We vetted everything through holistic veterinarians, so we can be confident in what we’re teaching you.


Through a CLEAR step-by-step process, we built the Kibble to Raw Course to provide you an easy way to learn how to transition your pup to a nutrient rich, and easy raw food diet – and feel confident doing so!

I know all too well how intimidating it can be to transition to raw food. It took me years from when I first thought about feeding raw, until I took the plunge. I didn’t have the resources to learn, but you do – right here in front of you – to guide you every step of the way.

We know what you’re looking for because we’ve been in your shoes. You want to learn how to feed your dog healthy, nutritionally balanced, simple meals – and for the process to be easy and realistic for the long haul. You also want this to be easy to learn. That’s not too much to ask!

Our calendar is packed every day, but feeding our dogs takes very little time out of our busy schedules. We feed three big dogs nutrient-dense, homemade meals without breaking the bank. We’ve been feeding our dogs raw since 2018, and thousands of Kibble to Raw members around the world are now doing the same. so can you!

Now it’s your turn to take the plunge and learn how to feed your dog the way you already know is best! We can’t wait to read your success story!

Here’s what your fellow KTR members have asked before enrolling.

Is this course only for specific breeds or ages?

This course is for all breeds and ages. A dog is a dog and food is food. Just be sure to calculate the proper portions according to the food calculator we provide in the course.

Is feeding raw expensive?

Feeding raw can be as “expensive” or as “affordable” as you want it to be.

You’ll get hacks and tips to make raw fit your budget and lifestyle. We teach you how to mold raw feeding into your lifestyle to make it realistic for the long haul.

Can I feed my dog raw hamburger meat from the supermarket?

Feeding raw is so much more than just raw meat. Once you learn how to feed raw and understand all the requirements, it’s easy! However, feeding your dog only raw hamburger patties will lead to deficiencies and various health issues. Don’t make this common mistake! Learn how to do it correctly.

How long will I have access to this course?

You’ll get a full-year access to the course from the date of enrollment. This will also give you free access to all course updates and additions during that year. We update Kibble to Raw when/if anything needs to change based on new knowledge, and based on what will be helpful to you, such as additional resources and products we vouch for.

Who is this course for?

First, let me ask you these questions:

Are you the dog parent who’s currently feeding a processed (kibble, canned, etc) diet and ready-to-feed home-made, REAL food?

This course is designed for you.

Or, are you the dog parent who’s feeding a home DIY-cooked diet, but your intuition is telling you that you could be missing important nutrients your dog needs?

This course will teach you how to switch your dog to a fresh food, nutritionally complete diet, and show you which foods to stop feeding that can be harming your pup’s health.

Are you the dog parent who’s been trying to figure out raw on your own? You want to start as soon as possible, but want to feel 100% confident you’re doing it right.

Kibble to Raw will give you the confidence.

Are you thinking about becoming a dog parent and want to give your dog the healthiest diet right from the start?

Kibble to Raw will teach you how to transition so you can be prepared as soon you bring your pup into your life.

Who is not a good fit for this course?

Someone who believes dogs are not part of the family.

Someone who thinks dogs don’t deserve fresh food.

Someone who believes dry cereal is a healthy food replacement meal for an entire life.

Someone who’s not seeing the value in giving a dog a healthy, happy life.

I really want to dive in, but I’m afraid I’ll get overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about “overwhelm” and what’s behind it.

Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable, easy-to-follow, clear, and proven path to stick to.

We created Kibble to Raw to be the antidote for overwhelm because we know what feeling overwhelmed feels like.

You’re not gonna go from feeding kibble to raw overnight.

You’re going to follow a super clear path with step-by-step implementation topics, rack up the knowledge, and gradually begin feeding real food like a Pro.

You’ll feel extremely confident when you build your pup’s first bowl, knowing you understand exactly why you did it this way.

As long as you promise to follow the course in proper order and resist skipping ahead (I know, easier said than done!), I promise we’ll keep you focused and on track to achieve what you’re ready to embark on!

My husband and I have been wanting to feed our pups a raw diet for a while but always lacked the confidence to begin and actually follow through. When we discovered the Husky Squad and the Kibble to Raw program, we were ecstatic. We now feel confident to introduce new beneficial aspects into their diet, know what food and sources are most beneficial for our pups, and we feel like we are getting to know our pups on an even deeper level by working with them to find their favorite foods throughout the whole process. The course was smooth, easy, and informational. The infographics provided are aspects of this program that we refer to frequently. We couldn’t be more satisfied!

Janelle V.
USA 🇺🇸


Learn everything you need to know to transition your pup from Kibble to Raw with over 15 videos. No one has time to read over 700 pages filled with boring text. Instead, we give you no-fluff reading chapters with infographics to make learning easy.

Chapter 1 – Welcome to Kibble to Raw
Chapter 2 – How to Use this Course
Chapter 3 – Our Story and Wake-Up Call
Chapter 4 – What’s Wrong with Kibble?
Chapter 5 – The Raw “Stereotypes”
Chapter 6 – A Closer Look at Cost
Chapter 7 – A Dog Parent Perspective
Chapter 8 – A Species-Appropriate Diet
Chapter 9 – The Incredible Benefits of RAW
Chapter 10 – Components for a Complete Diet
Chapter 11 – Finding Your Foundation
Chapter 12 – Protein Rotation & Temperatures
Chapter 13 – Understanding Food Portions
Chapter 14 – The Transition from Kibble to Raw
Chapter 15 – What to Expect during Transitioning

Chapter 16 – The Meal Prep Process
Chapter 17 – Consistent Additions & Supplements
Chapter 18 – Quick On the Go Meals & Treats
Chapter 19 – Feeding Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 20 – Proper Overall Hygiene
Chapter 21 – Your Raw Kitchen Essentials
Chapter 22 – Your Holistic Vet, Your Ally
Chapter 23 – You Made it!
Chapter 24 – Your Resource Board


Chapter 25 – Pre-Transition Week 1-4 Meal Plan
Chapter 26 – Introduction Phase Week 5-8 Meal Plan
Chapter 27 – Balance & Variety Week 9-15 Meal Plan

165 reviews for Kibble to Raw Course

  1. Jasmine R. (verified owner)

    I loved how easy this program was, the video are informative as well the additional information reviewing the video. I appreciated the additional links for search engines to find resources around me.

    Raw feeding can be overwhelming and there are so much information out there that can be overwhelming. I like this program because it breaks down all the overwhelming information into simpler terms.

    Jasmine R.
    California, USA 🇺🇸

  2. Dana L. (verified owner)

    This course was AMAZING! It takes you step by step through the meal plan and references all the tools you need to make the transition from kibble to raw effortlessly! I really enjoyed the videos, heartfelt and honest advice, and the wonderful resources and recipes shared within the program. Vee and Jc make learning fun and working through the course was honestly something I looked forward to doing each day in my spare time! I had incorrectly assumed that switching to a raw food diet would be tedious and expensive. However, Vee and Jc share with you all the tips, tricks, and resources you need that truly make this an easy, quick and affordable adventure! Your pups are worth it and you will see a huge difference in their overall happiness and well-being almost immediately! Thank you so much friends, we greatly appreciate all of your hard work and making this an easy process for other dog parents! Hugs and howls!

    I was intimated at first when hearing the term “raw diet” and worried that transitioning from kibble to raw would be too expensive and take way too much time in regards to the food prep. However, this course leads you step by step through the process and gives you all the tips and resources you need to change over effortlessly and painlessly. I personally found that there was very little difference price-wise and it takes hardly any time to prep the food. (YES, you learn how to do this in the course!) If you are still debating on making the switch and taking the course, don’t waste another moment! This course is worth it and so are your pups! You’ll see a difference in their energy, attitude and overall well-being almost immediately!

    Dana L.
    Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

  3. Christy M. (verified owner)

    This program was so easy to follow, they provide EVERYTHING you could imagine and maybe even didn’t think to brush up on before going raw. Plus the info graphics make it so easy to go back to if you want to double check any information.

    Videos coupled with resources and tips and tricks from two dog parents who obliviously know their stuff was more than I could have asked for! Absolutely worth the price. You will learn so much about dog health and nutrition! This program is so well spaced out, it gives you plenty of time to fully digest everything you’re learning. 10/10 worth every penny! After two weeks of no kibble my German Shepherd/Husky mix boys were already healing wounds like dry skin and allergies AND extra sweet and cuddly with me!

    Christy M.
    San Diego, USA 🇺🇸

  4. Savanah S. (verified owner)

    I contacted the squad through instagram after my vet had told me my 5 year old husky had IBS and had no other option but to go on a high dosage of a steroid to give him a “good couple years rather than miserable many years.” I got into contact with a holistic vet recommended, really took the time to go over every chapter, invest in the meals, supplements, and time my dog really needed and am fortunate enough to have a happy and thriving boy again with little to no signs of IBS.

    This course helped me out so much and as a college student I can say this was worth every penny. The knowledge far surpasses basic information and the way the transitioning process is explained is amazing. If you’re considering the change for your dog, do it, this guide is everything you need.

    Savanah S.
    Oregon, USA 🇺🇸

  5. Alexandra G. (verified owner)

    The meal plans at the end of the course are super helpful, and the section addressing the worries and feeling of overwhelm that raw feeding can cause really helped relieve my mind. Also, as a graphic designer myself, the overall visual beauty of this course and its additional info sheets was really wonderful.

    Even if you are not sure that feeding raw is something you can handle, I’d advise you to get this course. I bought it thinking that raw feeding might be beyond me, given where I live and the resources available, but now I think I can do it, and I bet you can too.

    Alexandra G.
    Florida, USA 🇺🇸

  6. Dallas S. (verified owner)

    This course was amazing! Extremely helpful. It provided me with every piece of information I needed to start feeding my dog a raw diet. I feel very confident about feeding raw thanks to this course. I am so grateful they created it! The course was very organized and easy to follow. I loved the diagrams and helpful resources. I loved how they linked everything so you can make sure you are purchasing the right stuff.

    Dallas S.
    Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

  7. Maria M. (verified owner)

    The course surpassed my expectations. I absolutely loved the summary of proteins, their temperatures, veggies, recipes to broth, golden paste.

    This course is a must-have foundation for all dog guardians starting with raw food diet for their dogs. Thanks so much to the authors for putting all content together. Lots of good links and references to other materials. Plus the summary of proteins, temperatures, veggies, recipes, etc. – really helpful. I feel my dog is getting more balanced, his coat looks much healthier, also not bloated and his rash has disappeared. One note: at the start of the course, I hoped I could jump directly to recipes section although the content was served per day. I actually really liked it. Everyday I was looking forward to explore a new chapter and it became my daily evening routine. I hope there are more courses like these, I’ll definitely sign up.

    Maria M.
    London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  8. Anna B. (verified owner)

    So easy to navigate and such a clean website. Great resources!

    You will not regret it, we have six dogs and it benefited each and every one of them.

    Anna B.
    France 🇫🇷

  9. Victoria P. (verified owner)

    This course was fantastic! Very easy to navigate and understand. I love both the reading and video portions of it, although when creating I am more of a visual learner. Victoria is so personable and explains things very thoroughly with plenty of information and examples. Before taking this course, I was confused and nervous about raw feeding – now I feel so much more confident that I’m doing the right thing. I love that they show how to make it more affordable. That was such a big concern of mine with having three large dogs.

    During this course, we actually found out one of my dogs had cancer. Vee helped us out so much. With this course, I learned so much about different proteins and what is best based off of what my own dog needs. On the internet there is so much information that is generalized, but this allowed me to learn what was specifically right for him. Since the cancer my dog had was related to the body’s allergic responses, I was able (with the help of Victoria) to determine exactly what his body needed the most to fight it. As of now we are still cancer free – allergies are under control and my dog is thriving. Thank you Husky Squad!

    I trust this course 100%. It’s clear they’ve done so much research in this subject and really just want to help dog parents. I was terrified of doing the wrong thing for my dog and potentially giving them some sort of bacteria from the uncooked meat, but thy explain the myths and facts so clear through the course. At the end of it, you will be shocked you didn’t make the transition earlier!

    Victoria P.
    North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸

  10. Kylie C. (verified owner)

    I loved the videos and how informative they were with dog nutrition and above and beyond that! You can tell so much thought and research was put in beforehand which made me feel more confident in my choice to switch to raw! I also loved how you have to go through each chapter before you get to the meal plan. It provides valuable information you need to know before you start and prevents you from rushing into feeding raw which could be very bad.

    The course went way beyond the basics and exceeded my expectations. Now I feel very confident knowledgeable on this subject.

    As a new dog mom, I wanted to make sure I gave my pup the best life she could have and make sure she was healthy. I always knew kibble wasn’t the best food but I honestly had no idea where to even start with feeding my dog a healthier option. I came across Husky Squad and instantly fell in love with their lifestyle and how much they cared about their pups, their pack! It inspired me so much and during quarantine, I finally took the leap and took the Kibble to Raw course. I learned so so much for my pup during the course and cannot wait for the many years to come of feeding her the food she is supposed to have!

    Kylie C.
    California, USA 🇺🇸

  11. Monika P. (verified owner)

    The course went above and beyond of what I expected and cant thank you enough for all the research, time and effort that went into creating it. Considering our puppies completely rely on us to provide them with the best we can, and their lives are depend on us as our human kids lives are, it’s up to us to make sure they grow up happy and healthy for as long as they can, and prevent whats preventable within our power.

    The course went much deeper than just a base outline anywhere else found online. You have pulled together all the bits and pieces that would’ve taken a long time for a person to google, research and compare information from one source to another. The Kibble to Raw Course is very easy to navigate, learn, and highly exceeded my expectations.

    I can’t recommend it enough and also to keep an open mind as with vets and others, feeding raw – frozen or freeze dried – are a totally new and may be foreign ideas to them. Same way as we want to eat healthy, why would that be different for our puppies?

    Monika P.
    North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸

  12. Cat E. (verified owner)

    Actually I’d be interested in seeing lists of example meals as a reminder of simple combinations of veg to proteins and better combos for bone broth vs egg and shell or fermented goat milk ,that sort of thing.
    Like skipping omega 3 adding when feeding fish proteins.

    Cat E.
    USA 🇺🇸

  13. Edeline R. (verified owner)

    The Kibble to Raw Course was complete and very accessible for me that English is not my first language. The course reassured me and brought peace with my decision and helped demystify everything we hear and make up a game plan. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!

    Edeline R.
    Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

  14. Laura S. (verified owner)

    Believe me when I say that if you are thinking on switching to raw food, with this course you will have the best guide to do it, it’s so beautifully made and the information is so complete, you will learn a lot of nutrition and other facts that will improve a lot your dog’s life.

    The information is so well organized, first you will find the best knowledge to let go all the fears and to embrace the new natural ingredients that will be part of your dogs diet, then you have a meal plan that is so carefully made, and it’s so easy to follow, that way your dog will have no problems with the switching, and you will be sure of what you are doing because it’s a step by step plan, with lots of helpful tools.

    Just go ahead, you won’t regret it! The best of all is that it’s made by Husky Squad, so the great vibes you get it’s an extra gift, you can see what I’m talking about in their YouTube channel.

    Laura S.
    Asturias, Spain 🇪🇸

  15. Chris E. (verified owner)

    First and foremost, I want to thank Vee and Jc for all your work on this course. You did an exceptional job. I have been wanting to transition my dogs to raw for some time but was overwhelmed by all the information (which at times conflicted on another). Unfortunately I was unable to do this before losing my baby girl, Kianna. With the information and knowledge I have learned so far, I will use it for my boy, Agate. I hope and look forward to any intermediate and advanced courses you may think of offering in the future. I do not feel as overwhelmed and stressed on the transition phase. I just need to locate the raw food best for Agate.

    The course was so much more than what I expected. Breaking down each step and element for a proper and healthy meal plan is so helpful. And including what may occur and may happen health wise during the transition to a healthy raw diet from kibble was very helpful. I know if I saw my pup’s eyes having discharge, I’d be running to my vet thinking he developed an infection or something.

    I absolutely loved the step-by-step instructions for a successful transition. Breaking each part down and addressing the individual process, explaining your experiences and the whys each step needs to be done, made it understandable and logical. The videos were outstanding.

    You will not be disappointed. After completing the first chapter, I could not wait for the next day to arrive, so I could start the next chapter and learn more on transitioning my pup. My favorite part were the videos. Vee is so personable and informative. And with the added resources and tools included with each chapter, showed me just how much time, effort, research and love went into the course by Vee, JC and the Husky Squad. Loved it and hope more courses become available by them.

    Chris E.
    California, USA 🇺🇸

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