Dear Tidus,

Your pure soul peered through your eyes.
There was always so much love in your eyes, in every picture.
Rest well.

Dear Huskysquad,

I am sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your pain.
The pain might be unparalleled but there will always be more love.
God bless.

– Richelle 🕯

Rest In Paradise sweet baby Tidus ✨
Loved and cherished forever and always❤️
May you rest with all the fur babies, have endless adventures and a never ending supply of meaty bones 🌈
– Bailey The Wolf 🕯

Run free and rest easy sweet Tidus. You will always be remembered as the most beautiful boy with the most beautiful brown eyes and the sweetest personality, even if we just got to witness it through a screen. Thank you for showing and teaching us how important the bond between pup and human truly is. We will miss seeing you on the husky squad adventures, but we know your spirit will show within your brother and sisters. ❤️
– Anastasia 🕯

My family has been lucky enough to have had 5 beautiful husky kids and siblings. I was one of those people who wanted a husky but had no idea what that meant. I learned sooooo much about it with my first and when he was about about 9 I believe is when I found the husky squad. By that time we had also rescued his one and only love and companion. Through the husky squad and Tidus, I learned what taking the time to really have that bond and connection meant; with us and with nature. With our 2 senior girls now and middle aged man, we see it even more. Allowing them to watch and to be still in nature, to observe and enjoy. Tidus was always the the inspiration and what I had hoped my pups would achieve. Though mine have not seen the world as Tidus did, they have seen beautiful things and places. I appreciate the whole squad for guiding me and my pups down new and better ways. Rest easy, Tidus boy… run wild and free 🐾💔🐻❤️
– Megan 🕯

Their Spirit run free among the stars…Their Angelic presence will never be far… They will wait forever…for this is not the end. Now a Heavenly Soul Mate from a Earthly Friend.” You will be missed, run free sweet boy
– Sheila 🕯

Seeing the love, respect, union, and power from this pack was one of a kind. This family, inspired me to start my own little pack. From day one, my pup has been there to watch every single Husky Squad video with me. He’s watched beloved Tidus recover from his injury, the journey to raw, and welcoming Nikolai. With tears rolling down my face as I mourn with the squad, I see so many similarities of your bear, to mine. The push push toys, the snow angles, and the bones I believe are all rooted from our love of the husky squad and Tidus. With every toy squeaked, snow admired, and adventures found, we will think of Tidus and his love and beauty that blessed this earth. God gained a mighty soul; May you Rest In Peace and love, sweet boy. Always loved and never forgotten ❤️
– Arielle 🕯

Dear Tidus,
You have taught me so much about love, family, patience, perseverance, and so much more. You have inspired me to live a fuller life and create a fuller life for my loved ones. Your rich soul has made this world a better place. You will be forever missed.
– Lesya 🕯

Dearest Tidus 🐻,
Thank you for sharing your life with us. Among so many other things, you showed us how to live courageously no matter what life throws at you, and how to love with selfless abandon. I will always treasure the sweet, affectionate greeting you gave me when I first met you❤️ You will be deeply missed, but never forgotten.

Dearest Victoria & Jc, and Squad,
There are no words to describe the heartache… a loss so deep you feel you can’t breathe. And there are no words to describe the gift of a beautiful, gentle soul who shares his life with you, leaving the most precious paw prints 🐾 on your hearts. Your love & honor to Tidus has touched us all.

With love & gentle hugs,
– Karen & Indi 🕯

I’ve watch the Husky Squad since 2017 and each one of them have changed my life! Tidus reminded me so much of my sweet girl Penny that pasted away last February. They were both full of spunk and happiness!

Hearing of Tidus passing broke my heart the same way it broke for my girl Penny. We all hate to see him leave but it’s good to know that he will continue to watch over us from above! Fair well Tidus for one day we will all see you again!❤️

I hope that you get to meet my sweet girl Penny up there and that you two become the best of friends! For I know both of y’all we will keep watch over us until we meet again!

– Shelby and the pack 🕯

Tidus, you and your family inspired me to try and start living a more wholesome life style. I realized that getting out and exploring more, would increase my positivity and decrease my negativity. It was something that I was crying for, even though I didn’t realize it just yet. I owe you and your family many thanks for helping me create a better life for myself and to change for the better. You were a good, sweet and loyal boy. You will forever be loved and remembered.
– Kayleigh 🕯

We can’t imagine what you, and Jc and the squad must be going through, we are sorry for your loss, sending you prayers of strength in this difficult time. Tidus in such a short time you stole our hearts, We are heartbroken with the news, thankful to had meet you through your adventures and see how lovable, loyal and overprotective you were, always remind us of our little baby boy at home. Rest In Peace Tidus 🐾🐶🥰

The Hernandez Family & our fur baby Bubbles.
– Andres 🕯

I “met” Tidus because my shedog Noa had ACL injury a year ago. Tidus was a inspiration and he always seems such sweet and delicate dog in the videos. And your connection so sweet and strong. I can remember you saying in the video that he looked at you like he was saying trust me, I’m good let me run. Very special. Big hugs 💗💗
– Sandra 🕯

Tidus you will forever be remembered by us! I found you guys on YouTube I needed to learn how to wash my very first girl husky and there I saw the trio so loving so calm very well behaved beautiful husky’s. Then I started following you guys on Instagram and you guys became our family seeing every adventure with mama and papa wolf it was beautiful such a wonderful family! Tidus was the most loving most fun awesome amazing good looking pup with the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen! He will forever be in our hearts!
We love you Tidus

– Lucy 🕯

Dear Tidus,

You are the reason why I have a Siberian Husky (Gatsby) in my life now. I watched your videos over and over again on YouTube. You’re an inspiration and you captured my heart. You lived such a wonderful life, the best possible! Your mama and papa wolf are the most amazing people. I know you will be watching them from above.

I love you.

Rest in peace, sweet Bear Tidus.

– Elaine & Gatsby 🕯

Tidus and The Husky Squad came into our lives at one of our lowest point when our beautiful Meishka tore her cruciate ligament. We believed that surgery was our only option for our 11 year old girl. However, after watching Tidus natural recover and seeing his strength, we just knew this was the way we had to go for Meishka! He has guided us and Meishka through her recover so far and she is doing better than she was prior to her injury.

But oh how Tidus changed our lives in so many other ways! His love of nature and his spirit has taught and inspired us about all that the earth has to offer us. He taught us about patience and how to live a calm life and listen above all. Our pups lives improved by becoming more connected to nature and living a natural life and our connection and understanding of our pups has grown.

We will be forever grateful to Tidus and The Husky Squad for inspiring us to live a peaceful life. Meishka has shown the same strength as Tidus during her recover and he will forever me her mentor.

Tidus will be truly missed and will forever live on with us through all that he has inspired us to do and joy he has given us.

Run free Tidus 🕊

– Meishka, Levi, Storm and Family x 🕯

Hello, I was searching information about Cruciate Ligament injuries, as my dog Mocha injured her left hind leg. I learned about Tidus by watching your YouTube videos and I was in awe of how much care and love you put into Tidus through his Cruciate ligament videos. Today I just saw your memorial video about Tidus and I was so sad to hear he had passed. Your videos touched me and gave me awareness and knowledge. I have become a fan of Tidus and your family. I have your website bookmarked in my favorites. I just can’t imagine the pain and loss you are feeling. I know you can take comfort in knowing you gave Tidus the most awesome and loving home possible. All the travels, hiking and experience you have had with him gave him a full and abundant life along with his sisters and brother. You taught each other some valuable life lessons. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Tidus has touched people all over the world. He will always be remembered and be in our hearts. ❤️
– Bonnie & Mocha 🕯

We just loved to watch your videos along with our two husky doggos. You were smart and beautiful baby bear! You left your paw prints on our hearts! Rest peacefully sweet boy……❤️🐾
– Agnieszka 🕯

Tidus had such kind eyes full of infinite love to people. I wish we meet more Tidus eyes in your lives🤍🧡🤎
– Tania 🕯

Our heart is broken, we are very sad, we are very sorry for Tidus’s early departure, we know that he is now in heaven, we have one more angel there. You and your babies have been a great inspiration to us, and as the proud and loving dad of my huskies Kira and Sky, we share from the bottom of our hearts your sadness; when I saw your video this morning I could not hold back the tears.
Tidus was such a great warrior, a great life partner and had a beautiful life full of love and care. The unconditional love between all of you is admirable and we try to follow your example every day, both for us and for you, our huskies are the cornerstone of our lives.

All our love and our prayers.
– Sal, Kira, Sky 🕯

Hi Hansome Tidus…. will miss you much…Now Runn and free buddy 😢😢
– Panda 🕯

Tidus you brought us so much joy and happiness watching your videos. You and the husky squad gave me an opportunity to have a husky for myself, her name is Abi ❤️ And I love her so much. Thank you for giving us so much of your love. You will be miss ❤️
– Maria 🕯

Tidus has always reminded me of my husky, Tokyo. Every video and photo we saw on the HuskySquad, I would watch Tidus and feel a much greater connection and love for Tokyo. When I found out that Tidus has gone to doggy heaven, I felt a pain I had never felt before. It’s as if Tidus was my own. I pray for the entire HuskySquad, that you all will heal in time. I give you all my love and all my healing energy.

I hope that I get to meet you in heaven one day, Boddie Bear. ❤️
– Franczeska 🕯

Oh sweet Tidus, I can’t believe you’re gone. But you were an amazing animal. So gentle, and sweet and loving. Because of you and the rest of the husky squad you have helped us switch to completely raw. Thank you Jc and Vee for sharing a piece of your family with us. We have lost 2 of our fur babies, Daisy Lee (11 1/2 years old) and Joseph (18 years old). Its been well over a year and I still cry so much for my babies. Many hugs to you both, and kisses and puppy rubs to the Squad. You all are so loved! RIP Tidus <3 – Michele 🕯

Tidus was a special dog.
When I watched your videos, I felt how wonderful, gentle and loving he was.
He will always be beside you in spirit.
My heart goes out to you.
Rest in peace sweet bear, we will always love you💜
– Alina 🕯

Dear Tidus
My heart is broken 💔 You was an amazing dog 🐕 Rest in peace sweet soul 🙏🐻🐾💙
– Lise Lena & Moa 🕯

We just loved to watch your videos along with our two husky doggos. You were smart and beautiful baby bear! You left your paw prints on our hearts! Rest peacefully sweet boy……❤️🐾
– Agnieszka 🕯

Run free sweet boy. You will be with your family and looking down over your pack on all of their adventures.
– Dawn 🕯


You came into our life when we received our first husky Elsa 3 years ago, Seeing all your many adventures and watching you play in the snow and your many hikes with your family inspired me to give Elsa that same love and adoration that you’re family gave you, it was so beautiful to see how much you’re family loved you in every video we saw your smiling face and always so happy, you brought so much joy to our life we couldn’t wait to see your next video we have learned so much from you and your family. We love you Tidus and you are going to be forever missed but you will always be in our hearts ♥️
Rest In Peace beautiful bear🕯💕

– Marlo and Elsa 🕯

Oh Tidus, my heart aches…we will miss you so much. What a beautiful and majestic one you were. We loved seeing all of your adventures, leadership and how your persistent help you through your injury. You were pure life and and majestic. RIP baby Tidus, We love you.
– Irma 🕯

Sweet Tidus, may you rest in peace and watch over your squad from over the rainbow bridge. We fell in love with your sweet, kind, caring eyes. We loved seeing how you just loved the life your humans gave you, and how you loved them back endlessly. Seeing this love reminds me of the love I share with my own husky girl, Bella, and it just breaks my heart that our furbabies can’t be with us longer. Thanks to your human parents, sharing your wonderful life, inspired us and so many others. May you rest in peace & know how much you are loved. Xoxo
– Laura 🕯


You were are special and will forever be in our hearts. Your mom and dad showed true love to you and the squad. Peace and love….. you will forever be missed sweet boy… watch over your family, keep them safe… they will never forget you! You’re one of a kind.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
– Christina & Diego 🕯

Tidus was a beautiful special dog indeed. 🤗 Hearing his story melted my heart for it reminded me of my beloved Tucker. Tucker passed away 8 years ago, but still feels like yesterday. He suffered from complications of having seizures, and also like Tidus had recovered from an ACL tear. Your story was all to familiar to me and brought back vivid memories 😔 May Tidus and Tucker live on in our hearts and memories, and both Rest In Peace 🙏
– Dawn 🕯

Tidus will be forever in our hearts. Initially known as one of the pack from huskysquad over time Tidus became much more than that. Following your family at home and beyond it shows Tidus lived a life full of love and adventure.

All the love and support from family & friends will guide you through this difficult time to heal your broken hearts.

Much love to you Victoria, JC, Yuna, Kimahri and Nicolai.

– Chris 🕯

Tidus was a beautiful special dog indeed. 🤗 Hearing his story melted my heart for it reminded me of my beloved Tucker. Tucker passed away 8 years ago, but still feels like yesterday. He suffered from complications of having seizures, and also like Tidus had recovered from an ACL tear. Your story was all to familiar to me and brought back vivid memories 😔 May Tidus and Tucker live on in our hearts and memories, and both Rest In Peace 🙏
– Dawn 🕯

Tidus, my friend, you made me fall in love with your breed, you inspired me to bring my own Husky home. Watching you grow alongside my boy Shadow was a grand adventure. Go on and sing the song of your people as loud as you can, Shadow is right there with you waiting for the rest of his pack to come home too. It’s the last grand adventure for you both. We were your whole life and it hurts that you can only be a part of ours. You are loved by more people than you ever met and we will all be carrying you in our hearts until the end of time Tidus.

– Emma 🕯

Run free and wild Sweet Tidus bear🐻🤍🕊Have Endless adventures with all the fur babies in paradise. 🕊 You and the husky squad have touched so many lives with your adventures and forever grateful. You will be missed but never forgotten.

So sorry for your loss Victoria and JC and squad. 🕊🐻🤍 Sending you blessings and strength during this difficult time. 🙏
– Monica 🕯

Your entire squad has inspired my heart ❤️ You all gave Tidus such a wonderful life full of adventure and love. Thank you for sharing him with us.
– Cosmic Kat 🕯

Tidus made me happy.
When I’m having a trying day- the Squad makes me smile, but I have a soft spot for boys and one of my male huskies used to be our “bear” too. He was much like Tidus- gentle with lots of personality. When I’d see your bear, it brought back happy memories of the wonderful times we had with ours.
I’m praying you get some comfort knowing how happy Tidus made people. Praying too that the good memories of your bear become a sweet gift to you, and that those memories become the presence for the whole family that make you all smile.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful bear.
Love you all-
– Josette and Bill and huskies 🕯

Thank you for sharing Tidus with us. We too just lost our beloved fur son Damien to cancer in January, we do understand what all of you are going through. May be Damien and Tidus are making friends with each other in heaven right now, having fun and running free. Thank you JC & Vee for your generosity and guidance how to care for our fur babies, thank you for showing us strength when things are difficult, and for sharing Tidus, Kimahri, Yuna and, Nikolai with us.
R.I.P Tidus.
– Jaime 🕯

Dearest Tidus,

Witnessing the commanding presence as a pack leader, a keeper of family, and maintainer of peaceful order throughout your beautiful journey of life has resonated with me deeply.
The manner in which you have engaged with your pack is the exact same way that I engage with my pack.
The manner in which you have provided light and warmth to thousands of people around the world by simply existing through the lens of the laptop is astounding.
Although it is shockingly tragic to know you were taken from Earth so soon, the one constant factor that provides comfort in a world of harrowing loss is in knowing how much beauty illuminated from your Aura.
On rainy days I would play a few squad videos, watching along with my gorgeous husky girl called Nena (aka Mushimoo, or Moo). She would stare up at you living your best life with the squad, and I believe it brought us both comfort since she cannot engage physically as much with other huskies since her Laryngeal Paralysis diagnosis, which can trigger a choking spasm; therefore, our solo adventures encompassed in nature are the most therapeutic when we can come home to a rewarding video of you and the family.
Thank you Tidus.
– Jasmin 🕯

Through your ACL healing and resilience, huskyinc came across your journey and fell in love with you and the rest of your family.

Thank you for all the beautiful furry moments you shared with us. You will never be forgotten.

Now is your time to soar through the grassy fields, swim freely in the water, climb the snowy mountains and rest under your tree Xx
– Anna 🕯

I’ve come back several hours later after learning about the passing of Tidus. My heart still feels heavy and I feel like I could cry at the drop of a penny. I fell in love with him when I first saw the husky squads page and because of him I knew someday I’d have to have a red husky.
I am so glad there will always be videos of Tidus out there on YouTube. It means he’ll never be forgotten and he will keep touching life’s like he touched mine.
JC and Victoria, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. May you always know your sweet boy will never be forgotten and that he has touched thousands of hearts, including mine. 🐶
– Ciara 🕯

I stumbled upon the husky squad page a few years ago.. I didn’t even have a husky or a dog. I probably watched every video they have posted to the YouTube channel. I was absolutely in awe of their information and love they have for their huskies. They amount of love and trust they shared.. Flash forward a few years later I was watching the channel once again and I happened to find a husky who was being sheltered one his 5 time. And my sweet boy now is under 5. I re watched every video and with their amazing knowledge and care I helped apply it to my sweet boy. From cooking, grooming, adventure and their kibble to raw I was able to give my husky the life he deserves. Tidus always showed his power of love and power. In many ways I see my sweet boy as I do in tidus. The husky squad will forever remember and cherish the sweet tidus.

Tidus, may you forever and always be on adventures with your squad and give them the comfort and company they still need.. you will be forever loved and missed. Thank you for inspiring so many wonderful people to re home and adopt huskies all over the world. Rest easy sweet bear ….

-Nae, and Pike 🕯

Enjoy the snow Tidus. Say hello to my Thor & Buddy
– Dave 🕯

Tidus… one of my favorite memories of you will always be while watching a video of you with your push push toy our husky girl Stella started howling and our husky girl Tess ran around the house( she doesnt talk much). We sent a video clip of stella talking to you and Mom and Dad said you would love talking to her too! You were a beautiful boy and well loved! You will live forever in the hearts you have captured!! 🕯

– Candita 🕯

– “A husky’s eyes can tell a thousand tales.”

You are so adorable Tidus 💛. Watching the last YouTube video had me cry just seeing how much love & support everyone else has for you. You were such a cute pup & dog you lived a life I know any other husky’s would’ve want. This is something unexpected no one was ready for this especially you’re mom & dad, may they grieve in peace & love. You will forever be missed & truly be loved by many 🕊.

We love you always, 🤍
– Simba, Tilda, & Mag 🕯

Dear Tidus,
you will never be forgotten. You will always be there, the softest place in my heart.
– Kelly 🕯

Our deepest heart felt sympathy to all of you, Jc, Vee, Kimahri, Yuna, and Nicolai ♥️ I know your pain. We lost our precious soul Nenaska a few months ago to the same thing😔 its a terrible experience to lose your baby to seizures and you can’t do a thing to help them. Lots of hugs to all of you and may Tidus Bear’s memories live on in all of you and all of future adventures. He will look down on you and he will join your adventures and hikes in spirit ❤️🌹 we love following you and we tidus was really a special boy with so much love to give. RIP Tidus Bear, we will miss you so. Your mommy and daddy gave you the best life a husky could ever ask for. Run free in spirit now. Love forever tidus bear. We will miss you on the adventures with your family 💞
– Sone 🕯

Thank you so much Husky Squad for sharing your adventures with your huskies and more specifically Tidus. He was such a beautiful and smart dog, I’m extremely sorry that he has passed. My family and I have owned two huskies over the course of about 8 years now. Our current dog, Bailey, rarely pays attention to the television, but she does pay attention to the Husky Squad channel. Thank you Tidus and your owners for inspiring other humans and fellow dogs to get out and get active. It was a delight to see Tidus have so much fun with his owners and make memories with them and with us watching your channel at home. Those memories will last a life time! He will forever live on in our memories. He was given a wonderful life and I am sure that he is happy.
With Love,
– Karen 🕯

Dear Tidus,

I am going to miss seeing that sweet gentle face of yours in future posts but I know that your spirit is looking down and protecting your mom & dad along with the rest of the Husky squad. It was an inspiration to see your strength and bravery in fighting to recover after your knee injury.

Thanks to you Tidus I was inspired to adopt my boy Lobo who looks so much like you!

I think it is important for us to make something good come about even in the face of heart break and so as soon as I have a bigger house I am going to adopt another pup from a shelter in your honor and will name him Tidus, in memory of one of the greatest and bravest huskies to have ever walked the earth!

Tidus, even though most of us never got to meet you in person, you’ve touched the lives of thousands of people and your memory will live on forever in our hearts. I know you will be reunited with your mom and dad and the rest of the Husky Squad when they are done with their missions on earth. In the meantime, run free sweet teddy bear, enjoy playing with all of our angel pups up there! Say hi to Rocky, Coco and Tyson for me. Love you Tidus!! ❤️🕊
– Julian 🕯

Just stumbled upon your Youtube channel as I was in search of hiking related videos and was in awe of how gorgeous your huskies were! I am truly saddened to hear the news that Tidus has passed… 😢 I’m sending you my deepest condolences 😞 ❤️ I cannot imagine what your family must be going through but know that Tidus is in a much better place and lived such a beautiful life 💗 Thank you for sharing his legacy & unforgettable memories that will forever live in our hearts 🥾 🏔
– Corinne 🕯

Dear Tidus and Husky Squad,
From the moment I saw you, I thought you looked so much like my boy, and I started to follow your channel and page. I had just gotten a husky/shepherd mix after my sweet girl, Joy, went to heaven. I named my husky mix Joe and he was so crazy lol but he was so beautiful like you! With the cute pink nose! Your page helped me understand the breed. Every time, I saw your picture, I saw my boy, Joe! We loved watching your videos on our big screen. I want my boy to see the world just like you got to see the world. You are an inspiration, and we will never forget you! Tidus forever! Husky squad forever love always,
Claudia and Joe and Joy
– Claudia and Joe and Joy 🕯
P.S. Maybe you and Joe are related in some way! I hope you are playing with my Joy in heaven ❤️

I’ve been following you for several years now and am so sad to see Tidus has passed. Seeing him and the girls adventure and explore has given me so much motivation to do better for my dogs. And it always made me smile seeing how happy he was too! And I’ve always appreciated any tips you had posted when I was a new husky mama 5 years ago.

RIP sweet Tidus Bear and chase all of the deer up there 💕
– Paige 🕯

Heartbroken to have heard his passing.
Since I got my own husky three and a half years ago, you are my inspiration. My favorite husky squad.
No words can describe how awfully heartbreaking it is to loose your soul mate, your family member.
You guys had a special bond with Tidus. He couldn’t have had a better life than with you.
He will be waiting for you. Until you meet again. Until then his spirit will be forever with you. Guiding you. Protecting you. Being forever grateful for the life he lived. The love and gratitude he experienced.
Rest in peace Tidus bear 🐾❤️
– Sandra 🕯

So much love… that deep, heartfelt, sweet love you’d always see in his beautiful brown eyes. It was endless, and will forever be endless. His passing has truly touched my heart. Sweet Tidus, may you rest peacefully. You will forever be loved by your incredible family and many of us that were fortunate enough to connect with your spirit and love you from a distance. You brought inspiration to many families, including mine. Your spirit and the memories you left us with, will live eternally. Rest Peacefully, sweet boy Tidus 💙
– Lili & Zuli 🕯

I’ve been watching your channel for a couple of years now and grew to get to know Tidus.
Tidus you were an amazing and such a sweet gentle bear. We all loved you and will still keep loving you forever. Rest In Peace Tidus and fly high in doggy heaven with your new friends ❤️
You’ll always be in everyone’s hearts ❤️❤️❤️
– Krystal 🕯

Those were the first days I traveled on Instagram and Tidus appeared among the very first recommended photos. I visited your page and we immediately fell in love with it. We followed every adventure of him, his recovery path, his daily life with the squad, he was now a friend who was part of our lives even if he lived on the other side of the world. Now we join you guys in mourning, many tears roll down our faces. Rest in peace dear Tidus.
– Marco 🕯

Vee & JC, the best dog parents that we never met. You offer to your pups and you offered to Tidus the most incredible life that a dog could expect. A pack, a family, a lot of time in nature but also all the comfort that he needed. You offered him to discover not only the American continent but also the World.

You did us the honor to meet you, to meet your beautiful family, to meet Tidus. We will never forget any moment spent with you, spent with Tidus. From the very first moment we saw you to the last moment when we said you goodbye on the Spar market parking near Annecy, when Talulla started to play with Tidus, like she wanted to keep him, to keep all of you here in France with us, like she didn’t want to let you go.

We had to let you go, that’s life, but the memories of you, of Tidus, of the pups on the sofa waiting for some “Raclette” cheese, of the walks together will stay in our hearts and our soul until the end.

Tidus, I had the honor to cuddle you, to kiss you, beautiful Bear, and I know that you are not far from your family, you watch them and protect them everywhere they go.

We love you Tidus, and we will always love You.

– Catherine, Damien & Talulla 🕯

TIDUS TIDUS ….sigh.., you and those beautiful brown eyes O how we miss you ..seeing you take on the mountains being the leader making sure everyone was good being the Aplha male , just melted our hearts …Bear … you open our eyes to so much that we started hiking with our pack all because of you. You showed us to take on the world and never to be afraid , we LOVE YOU and we will miss you soon much… thanks you husky squad for sharing him with us it means alot …continue being amazing …and we love you all …Fly high big bear (Tidus)
– Asriel 🕯

Followed Huskysquad several years and loved to see how awesome and lovely these three (trio) dogs are.

Hearing that Tidus had passed away was so sad. ☹️
It was wonderful to see how Tidus loved adventures and snow like Yuna and Kimahri.
He was and is very special, beautiful dog.

Had to say that we did cry when we saw last YT video.
So heartbreaking.

Can’t find correct words in english..
So sorry.

“I have possessed that heart, that noble soul, in whose presence I seemed to be more than I really was, because I was all that I could be.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– Maria, Cee & pack 🕯

Dear Tidus,
It makes me so sad knowing that you passed away but at the same time my heart fills up with joy when I think about the wonderful life you have lived with your family. All of you have touched the hearts of many people and with that also contributed to change the way people treat their best friends. Yo were such a kind and gentle soul.
Lots of love from Xayah and Patrizia

– Patrizia 🕯

Followed Huskysquad several years and loved to see how awesome and lovely these three (trio) dogs are.

Hearing that Tidus had passed away was so sad. ☹️
It was wonderful to see how Tidus loved adventures and snow like Yuna and Kimahri.
He was and is very special, beautiful dog.

Had to say that we did cry when we saw last YT video.
So heartbreaking.

Can’t find correct words in english..
So sorry.

“I have possessed that heart, that noble soul, in whose presence I seemed to be more than I really was, because I was all that I could be.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– Maria, Cee & pack 🕯

Thank you Tidus for inspiring us to always get out and be one with nature. You were such a good pup to your parents and now you will be missed by all of us. Say hi to Roscoe for us at Rainbow Bridge!
– Arya & Grayson 🕯

Followed Huskysquad several years and loved to see how awesome and lovely these three (trio) dogs are.

Hearing that Tidus had passed away was so sad. ☹️
It was wonderful to see how Tidus loved adventures and snow like Yuna and Kimahri.
He was and is very special, beautiful dog.

Had to say that we did cry when we saw last YT video.
So heartbreaking.

Can’t find correct words in english..
So sorry.

“I have possessed that heart, that noble soul, in whose presence I seemed to be more than I really was, because I was all that I could be.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– Maria, Cee & pack 🕯

My heart aches everyday knowing Tidus is no longer with you, but just knowing the amazing and blessed life he lived brings peace. Your memories and adventures with him will always be with you. How awesome is that!! I can imagine the smiles on your faces just thinking about them today and everyday. Today I will hug my 2 babies alittle tighter.

– Andrea, Jade 🐾, and Zeke🐾 🕯

Whether it was a good or bad day, it was always made better when I could log onto Instagram and see Tidus and his sweet face. What a gentle soul that touched so many around the world. I hope you find peace in knowing you gave him the best life and while his body is gone physically, his spirit will run with you forever.
– Amanda 🕯

Tidus was the best, the good-est boy of all time. It breaks my heart to hear that he is no more. But the memories you gave to your family and all the viewers out there… we’ll cherish them.

– Chethan, Hinata & Kirini 🕯

Dear Tidus,

You and your sisters have inspired my life In so many ways possible. Watching your mama and papa wolf be such amazing parents to you guys inspired me so much to give my Nala and apollo the best life I can! When I learned of your passing my heart broke and it made me really sad knowing the pain and heartbreak your family was left with💔. But I know your in a better place now. You were such a special little bear from the sweet look in your eyes to the amazing aura you had. I remember watching videos and wishing that I could meet you and your sisters. Thank you for making an impact on my life and motivating me to be the best mama wolf to my Nala and Apollo❤️
You will be missed dearly!

– Nani, Nala & Apollo🕯

I first meet Tidus and you all when my girl Lou tore her ACL. I was shocked and dismayed at the cost and invasiveness of the surgery the vet offered , I could not believe it so I got online and did research and found this vid of a husky with the same injury as my girl I started watching and he ( Tidus) gave me hope that I could do the same for my girl. It’s been six months and she is walking, playing not yet hiking far with her leg brace. I continued to watch the Husky Squad and found joy with you all. When this showed up on my notices and I realized he was gone ..I just cried and hurt so much for you and the Squad. I have no words to make it better. Except… Thank you for sharing him with us without him …who knows what my girl would have gone through.
– Michele 🕯