How Much Does It Really Cost?

How Much Does It Really Cost?

Now Let’s Crunch Some (Shocking) Numbers

We ran some numbers to compare the cost of the Squad’s previous premium kibble diet to the diet we outline in this program. The results blew my mind! All prices are in USD.

Premium Kibble Cost: the Math

1 bag of 25 pounds of premium kibble = approximately $100 to $150
1 pound of kibble = approximately 4 cups
1 bag of 25 pounds = 100 cups of kibble
Average cups per day per pup = approximately 3 cups
1 bag of 25 lbs lasts about 33 days for one pup

Total approximate cost for premium kibble per pup:

$100 to $150 for 33 days (lacking essential supplementation)

Current Raw Food Diet Cost: the Math

Complete protein source per day on average = 1 pound
Average cost of complete protein per day = $3.50 per pound
Complete protein for 33 days: $115.50

9 organic pasture-raised eggs (total for 33 days) = $5
Organic raw fresh veggies (total for 33 days) = $10

Total approximate cost for raw food diet per pup:

$130 for 33 days (lacking essential supplementation)

Our Personal Summary:

Premium Kibble diet per year (per pup): $1200
Medical expenses per year (per pup): $500
Total: $1,700 + higher risk for cancer, other costly health issues, and a shorter life span.

Raw food diet per year (per pup): $1560
Medical expenses per year (per pup): $0 to low
Total: $1,600 + very low risk for cancer and other costly health issues, and a longer and higher quality of life.


We’ll go into essential supplementation in a different chapter.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

Your Wallet vs. Health

Let’s Be Honest

One of the most common concerns about feeding raw is how it will affect our bank accounts, right? Stop and ask yourself: is this a fair attitude?

The lives of our fur kids entirely depend on us. From the moment a dog is born until their last breath, their quality of life in every single moment depends on our decisions. Who are we to decide they should eat a low-quality diet and suffer the consequences?

Consideration of these financial questions should come before adding a fur kid to the family.

Would you choose to feed your spouse, parents, and human kids a cereal-only diet because it’s cheaper?

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some very interesting things to consider:

Vet Visit Costs

When the Husky Squad was on a premium kibble diet, each pup visited the vet at least two to three times a year. The reasons for these visits ranged from “normal” syptoms like allergies and skin problems to digestive issues and emergencies. They would need lab tests and x-rays, and usually ended up with prescription medications.

Outside of their kibble diet, we made sure the Squad lived a very active lifestyle, but we still spent around $500 per pup each year in vet visits and medications. These costs don’t include big emergencies like cancer and ACL injuries.

Since switching to a raw healthy diet, we no longer need to go to the vet unless it’s an accident or emergency. That’s at least $500 USD of savings per year, per pup.

Health Insurance

Let’s call this what it really is: “sick care.” Unfortunately, this insurance will only cover traditional medicine and traditional veterinarians.

Health insurance for a dog averages approximately $700 per year. On top of that, you’ll typically have an out-of-pocket deductible (usually $500) and annual maximum cap of $5,000 USD. Anything above that will be out of pocket.

We believe that the best health care is preventive care. Feeding our dogs a healthy diet and providing an active, high-quality life will have a much higher benefit than any amount of drugs thrown their way.

Although ongoing “sick care” insurance is not something we use, accident insurance may be helpful. Emergencies and accidents can happen, and surgeries are expensive!

Cancer is Expensive

Cancer is not only a horrific situation to go through, it’s also VERY expensive. Depending on the cancer type, Western treatments can easily average $5,000 to $12,000 USD, and unfortunately the cancer rarely stays away for the long term.

Giving your pup a complete raw diet and healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee that cancer will never happen, but you will dramatically lower the chances.

Quantifying The Cost Of A Low-Quality Life

Imagine waking up in the morning with a throbbing headache and no energy. You can barely drag yourself into the kitchen to eat yet another bland bowl of cereal, neglecting your cravings for real food. You force yourself through the day with sheer willpower, knowing that even the relief of bed is just a short, restless break before you need to suffer through it all again.

In that situation, how much would you pay to live a thriving, healthy, vibrant life?

This nightmare of chronic pain and exhaustion is very likely the life of many dogs, but they don’t have a way out. All they can do is try to adapt to a low quality of life with no control over improving their health. How is that fair? We all deserve to THRIVE!

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