Kibble and Cancer

Kibble and Cancer

Can a raw food diet cure cancer?

I’d love to just say “yes,” but the answer is more complex. A raw food diet was the foundation of Kimahri’s natural cancer protocol prescribed by our holistic veterinarian, but it was only part of the equation.

Throughout the ordeal, we learned about the connection between kibble and cancer. Kibble is highly processed, made with byproducts, full of additives, heat-processed, and unnatural. It’s also loaded with biologically inappropriate carbohydrates that are inflammatory for dogs.

One of the reasons that kibble is a highly profitable industry is its use of carbs as a cheap filler and binder. Almost every single commercial kibble brand uses carbs this way.

Many kibble companies have realized that dog parents now know that grains are not a species-appropriate food group for dogs. In response, the companies have started developing grain-free dog foods.

However, grain-free doesn’t mean carb-free. That grain-free kibble may still include cheap carbs like potatoes, corn, lentils, legumes, and/or peas.

Carbs and Cancer

As we sat with Kimahri during our first appointment with our holistic veterinarian Dr. Keith Weigardt DVM, we had one of our biggest aha moments. You see, the body turns carbs into sugar (glucose). Cancer cells THRIVE on glucose, and have ten times as many glucose-loving insulin receptors as normal cells.

In other words, cancer loves carbs, regardless of whether they’re grains, legumes, potatoes, fruits, or other starchy foods. If we wanted to stop pampering Kimahri’s cancer cells and helping them grow at an alarming rate, we had to quit ALL CARBS. We immediately eliminated kibble from her diet for this reason, as well as various other reasons we’ll cover in the next chapter.

Cancers are made up of cells. If these cells are no longer provided their favorite food source, they end up starving. Cutting out all carbs from Kimahri’s diet helped starve the cancer.

Curing Cancer in Dogs

We’ve openly shared Kimahri’s cancer story on social media after she recovered, and continue to receive messages asking for the exact approach we took to cure her.

My heart breaks knowing that other dog parents and their beloved fur kids are going through this diagnosis. We’ve been there, and we understand so deeply how this feels. We wish we could give every single dog parent a guaranteed cure, but this subject is very sensitive and we’re NOT qualified to diagnose, treat, or even suggest how to deal with cancer.

We urge you to find a holistic veterinarian with expertise in Chinese medicine to help diagnose and treat your pup. Every step you take toward good health is a step in the right direction, but ultimately, please seek out professional help. A later chapter shares advice on finding a holistic veterinarian.

We’re sending you warm and comforting hugs as you endure this rough time. Please be strong and positive. Your pup feels your spirit and energy, and is tremendously impacted by them.

Ultimately, the best cure for cancer is prevention.

What’s in the Next Chapter

We’ll take a deep dive into what’s wrong with kibble. Learning how a kibble diet affects the overall health and well-being of our pups helps us understand their true nutritional needs. You’ll soon understand how a homemade raw diet prevents so many problems that dogs face.

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Please watch the entire video before continuing to the next lesson.

This video isn’t only an inspirational feel-good story. It’s also a first step for you into a deeper understanding of the incredibly important role that nutrition plays in preventing cancer and other health issues in the first place.

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